Praise for the Tai Chi for Body and Mind Fitness Video Lessons

See what students who purchased our tai chi video lessons have to say about Tai Chi for Body and Mind Fitness.


Pat Akers is an Excellent Instructor for Yang Style Tai Chi

Pat Akers is an excellent instructor for the Yang Style of Tai Chi. Always willing to address the individual students as she guides you through the 108 movements of the form. Her DVD “Tai Chi for Body and Mind Fitness” is an excellent compliment to in-class instruction.

I highly recommend it.

C. V. S.

A Wonderful Tai Chi Teacher; Video is Extremely Helpful

I had been taking Pat’s class for a few years now. When I first started, I was sure I would never be able to learn this long and complicated dance. I couldn’t remember the sequence when practicing it myself just once or twice a week. When her video came out, I bought it and it helped so much.

Pat does Tai Chi in a nice, slow manner. I use the rear view because she is facing the same direction, which is extremely helpful. I like the way the video is marked with the name of each step, this is helpful in remembering the order of what comes next.

In this crazy last year, I found that this video was my friend. Practicing Tai Chi is calming and relaxing. It forces you to focus on what you’re doing and not think or worry about anything else. Tai Chi helps me with anxiety and gives me a sense of peacefulness, that puts me in a good state for the rest of the day. Pat is a wonderful teacher and the video is extremely helpful.

Linda Zehr

Fantastic Learning Tool for Tai Chi Students

I have been a student in Pat Akers’ Tai Chi classes for five years. She is an excellent instructor. So when Pat produced an instructional video to supplement her in-person classes, I was thrilled.

Pat explains and demonstrates each of the separate Yang style movements clearly and concisely, as well as demonstrating the entire 108-movement form. Especially helpful is the reverse view of her demonstration with her back to the camera. I feel as if I am actually in her class practicing the complete form.

It has been such a help during the COVID-19 pandemic. Her video has made it possible for me to continue reviewing and improving my Tai Chi at home. I highly recommend Pat’s video! It is a fantastic learning tool for beginners, intermediate and advanced Tai Chi students.


The Entire 108 Movement Tai Chi Form

I have used this video almost since it first came out. I refer to it frequently when I am confused or do not remember a move.

It is very well organized. The first disc introduces you to Tai Chi, has a short group demonstration, and presents the entire 108 movement Tai Chi form giving a clear introduction to this martial art. I find the second disc most helpful and often turn to it to refine my steps or rekindle my memory.

I appreciate that Pat shows the movements from a different direction because that makes it easier to follow. I find the location by the ocean and the gentle background music add to the quality of the presentation.

Erika H.

Almost Better than In-Person Tai Chi Class

Probably the best part of the DVD is it shows both front and back views of the moves so I can clearly follow the step-by-step instructions. I keep replaying the “detailed instructions” in Disc 2 until I get it. Truthfully, it’s almost better than in-person class because I can keep repeating the moves I am having trouble with, without feeling guilty.

When I just want to follow along, I play the “Complete Form Demonstration” in Disc 1. The calming music seems to channel my attention to be more aware of how my body moves, and be centered. I can’t always attend Pat’s class so I’m very happy to have her DVD to help me practice at home.


Tai Chi for Body and Mind Fitness DVD: Enormously Helpful

I found Pat Akers’ “Tai Chi for Body and Mind Fitness” to be enormously helpful. When I started studying with Pat, I really wanted to engage with learning Tai Chi and the video allowed me to work productively at home and move forward at a satisfying pace.

The video shows the entire form in both front and back views. The back view makes it possible to follow along without getting confused with mirror images. The clear, detailed description of each position is invaluable and makes learning possible.

Before I started learning Tai Chi I was going to the chiropractor once a month because of recurring lower back pain. Now I no longer need to do so. The practice of Tai Chi has been enormously sustaining during the pandemic. The video has kept me on track throughout. I highly recommend it.

John M.