Chi and Tai Chi

Chi is a Term from Traditional Chinese Medicine, describing an energy that is believed to sustain all living things.

Practicing Tai Chi is thought to develop and increase the flow of your life force, or Chi. Low levels of Chi can result in fatigue or sluggish performance of internal organs. High levels of Chi help you feel alert and fully alive.

Chi and Relaxation

Being relaxed promotes the circulation of Chi. That’s why you perform the Tai Chi movements in a relaxed way. Tension blocks the circulation of Chi so, during Tai Chi practice, you try to release excess tension from your body.

Chi and Western Medicine

The concept of Chi is controversial in Western medicine because, so far, it hasn’t been detected using conventional scientific methods. Regardless of whether you accept the idea of Chi, Tai Chi can still provide you with a healthy, low-impact exercise that can improve your flexibility, strength and balance.

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