Tai Chi Video Lessons, Step by Step

Tai Chi for Body and Mind Fitness is your instructional video guide to learning Yang style Tai Chi at your own pace:

Tai Chi DVD video
  • Step-by-step lessons of each movement in Traditional Yang Style Tai Chi

  • Choose from our DVD or instant Online Streaming easy-to-follow Tai Chi video lessons

  • Over 4-1/2 hours of detailed instruction

  • Discover the many health benefits of Tai Chi

  • Great for Beginners to Advanced

  • Learn in the comfort and convenience of your own home

“This gentle, beautiful practice can be done by people of all ages, body types and ability levels. If you can walk, you can do Tai Chi.”

Tai Chi for Body and Mind Fitness - Introduction (Preview)

Why Learn Tai Chi

In this inspiring, award-winning program, Pat Akers guides you through the gentle, flowing movements of Tai Chi that can strengthen and relax your body while calming your mind and improving your mental focus.

Tai Chi for Body and Mind Fitness unlocks the secrets of traditional Yang style Tai Chi, an ancient internal martial art practiced by people of all ages.

Discover how this “moving meditation” can:

•  Improve balance, stability, circulation and muscle tone
•  Reduce stress and anxiety
•  Increase flexibility of joints
•  Help you feel energized and calm; invigorated and centered
•  Harmonize the mental, physical and spiritual aspects of your life

Our Tai Chi Video Lessons include:

•  Clear, easy-to-follow, step-by-step instruction for both beginners
    and advanced students
•  Front and rear view demonstrations of every movement
•  Practical advice to help improve your balance and posture
•  Tips for making Tai Chi accessible to those with physical limitations

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A Message from Pat Akers

Hello! I’ve taught Tai Chi for over 24 years. My creative team and I created Tai Chi for Body and Mind Fitness so you can have a Tai Chi teacher at home and practice along with me. This gentle, beautiful practice can be done by people of all ages, body types and ability levels. I’ve always said, if you can walk, you can do Tai Chi. In fact, you can even do Tai Chi from a chair.

Most of you have acquired a skill that involves learning a sequence of actions in a particular order, like playing a musical instrument, repairing a car, or knitting. So you know regular practice was necessary for you to learn that skill.

Let’s Play Tai Chi!

When you practice Tai Chi with my easy-to follow tai chi video lessons, just relax and have fun with it. Think of it as play. There’s a playful quality to Tai Chi and people who practice it are called “Tai Chi players” because you try to be as easy and carefree in your body as you were when you were a child. You perform the movements in an effortless way, focusing on your breath and your balance, moment to moment.

Don’t be discouraged in your learning process. There are three “P’s” that will help you learn Tai Chi:

  • Patience:  Be patient with the learning process and with yourself.
  • Persistence:  Don’t give up. I promise you, if you stick with this, you’ll realize some benefits, so hang in there.
  • Practice:  Think of Tai Chi as your health bank account. The more you put into it, the more benefits you’ll receive. Any amount of practice will be beneficial. Have fun with it!

And, I guess you could say there’s a fourth ‘P’…  Pat!  In Tai Chi for Body and Mind Fitness I’ll provide you with details and tips to help you get more from your Tai Chi practice.  Even if you have physical limitations I’ll show you how to modify movements so they’re easier for you to do.

Let’s play Tai Chi!

Pat Akers

Tai Chi DVD video

“…a great way to learn Tai Chi for benefits in health and mental focus.  Highly recommended!”
– Midwest Book Review

“…this thorough production is recommended.”
– Video Librarian

Communicator Award Winner for Video Distinction